Ryan Kennedy and Milnbank

Ryan has worked with Milnbank since the start of his apprenticeship which has allowed him to work on a number of projects and learn different things from different tradesmen. Ryan has been a reliable apprentice and has always got on with everyone. Ryan has been really happy with his apprenticeship and has been more than happy with everything through Shared Apprentice. He has had excellent support and is glad he will be full qualified in November. Ryan is being kept on at Milnbank and is looking forward to getting left to work away on his own jobs.

“My experience with Shared Apprentice is really good, I have been very fortunate to work with Milnbank throughout my apprenticeship. I have had good support through Shared Apprentice and would recommend them to anyone looking to gain their apprenticeship” Ryan Kennedy

“Milnbank have been happy to support the Shared Apprentice Scheme, we feel this works well for both the apprentice and the employer” Bill Milne (Milnbank)