Ruhul Miah

Ruhul was employed by Shared Apprentice Ltd as a Modern Apprentice in Civil Engineering and placed with MVV Baldovie in Dundee.

He was part of the team won the Stevenson’s Shield through the LOcHER (Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks) Project.

LOcHER initiative originated within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It is an approach for students and apprentices to identify health and safety risks in their area of study; learn about them and showcase how they can protect their health and safety; and take that experience into the world of work. It is designed to deliver risk control experience throughout their curriculum. The MVV project collaborated with one of the Health and Safety Executives strategic themes of acting together and created a long-lasting legacy for the business and the interns and apprentice.

The Interns and Apprentice were given the task to create some safety posters and leaflets (appended) in line with 8 MVV identified high risk activities. This project has been an astounding success resulting in the team winning the Stevenson’s Shield and becoming the second runner up in the Development through Education Award 2019. Please find attached the flyer they developed

Ruhul was involved with the award winning LOcHER project and Andy Swaine helped set up a construction site visit in Perth, Australia via a previous DERL Manager whilst visiting family for a special occasion. Both of these was instrumental for Ruhul and caught Chilworth attention. After Ruhul’s placement with MVV finished he was placed directly with Chilworth during which he was offered the chance of fulltime employment with a good package and fully funded degree opportunity as a graduate apprentice in Civil Engineering.

Ruhul is very grateful for the opportunity and time he spent here at Baldovie as the site has helped define his career and put him on a path towards his dream of becoming a Chartered Civil Engineer with H&S at the forefront…

“Working with MVV on the construction of the Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility, has done more than teach me about project management on major projects. It has taught me health and safety is at the forefront of all process -  making sure all operatives are safe, in order to be able to complete such complex projects in a timely manner. Last year, Nils and I had the opportunity to re-vamp the health and safety outlook for MVV. A newer outlook in which we felt reflected modern day construction and operations culture. A way which understood that competent personnel aren’t respondent to hundreds of words but, rather images and colour. This project saw us take over the U.K for multiple prizes and internal commendable success.”