As most of our 1st Cohort of Apprentices finished with us mid-Novemberf 2019 we have pulled together a little bit about each of them and their time with Shared Apprentice. We also got a chance to speak with the companies they have been working with and hear about their experiences. We have managed to find some of the photos we got when they started in 1st year too. Well done to all the boys that are fully qualified in their trade.


Dylan Tyrrell and Sturocks Joinery

Dylan is one of our Joinery Apprentices. He started working with Sturrock’s Joinery in Kirkbuddo alongside on of our other Joinery Apprentices in his 3rd year. Dylan had previously done mainly site joinery but took to manufacturing joinery well. While Dylan had no previous manufacturing joinery experience he has come on greatly and proved to Sturrock Joinery he was determined and hard working. Dylan has enjoyed his time with Sturrock’s and is pleased that he is being kept on with them once he is time served in November.

“Shared Apprentice has been good for me as I have had the opportunity to work with 3 different companies to get a range of different experience. I have managed to serve my time with Sturrock Joinery and gained a job with them at the end of my apprenticeship” Dylan Tyrrell

“More than happy with the Shared Apprentice Scheme, they have provided me with quality recourses and at the end of it I have got a fully qualified Joiner” Grant Wilson (Sturrock Joinery)