Rory has been working with Pert Bruce for the last 8 months of his apprenticeship, he had worked with Derek McNulty for the first 3 years of his apprenticeship and has enjoyed both companies he has worked with. He has been a good worker throughout his apprenticeship and Pert Bruce have been happy with the work he has been producing. Rory had the opportunity to get involved with a team day that Pert Bruce had which allowed him to socialise with all different people within the company. While with Pert Bruce Rory has had the opportunity to work on a few different projects doing different things which will give him good skills for the future. Rory is planning to stay within the construction industry and looks forward to what his future holds.

“My apprenticeship has been good, I have learnt a lot. Good opportunities have been given to me with Shared Apprentice as I have been able to work with different companies in different aspects of joinery” Rory McDonald

“Shared Apprentice has been a fantastic operation as it is giving younger people opportunity to get into construction” Graeme Davies (Pert Bruce)