Stevie Maddock
Owner, Maddock Joinery Manufacture


Shared Apprentice Limited is a wonderful scheme that allows youngsters to gain highly regarded qualifications. At the same time it enables local contractors to take on apprentices when they are not in a position to employ the young person for the whole apprenticeship programme.

David Shepherd

Director, Andrew Shepherd Construction Ltd

Shared Apprentice Ltd is a great opportunity for apprentices to explore all aspects of joinery via different employers. At McGill’s, we strive to give apprentices the best training we possibly can. As participants hone their skills, we would hope they become part of the valued team on site. The scheme is a terrific opportunity for future tradesmen and women to train and develop the skills necessary to enjoy a career in the construction industry.

Grant Thomson

Contracts Manager at building services contractor McGill Electrical

Given that we are a small company we find Shared Apprentice Ltd value for money. We have added to the work force without having the costs associated with apprentices via the traditional route and it gives us more flexibility with the terms of their employment. Having an additional apprentice allows the experience and talent of our existing workforce to be passed on to more people and therefore aiding the construction industry in the long term.

Bill Milne

Director, Milnbank Development

Pert Bruce is delighted to support Shared Apprentice Ltd. This is an excellent example of an initiative which addresses one of the construction industry’s biggest challenges of skill shortage. It provides an opportunity for small businesses to take on apprentices when they are not able to commit to the full 4 years of the apprenticeship programme.

Craig Bruce

Director, Pert Bruce Construction Ltd